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Detailing Walworth WI

Detailing Walworth WI

Detailing Walworth WI – Diamond Auto Detailing – Book an Appointment Now – 262-325-8962

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Diamond Auto Detailing is a certified installer of SYSTEM X CERAMIC COATING. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this outstanding product:

Protect Your Car Against Sun, Rain and Ice – Detailing Walworth WI

Your vehicle deserves the finest care to keep looking its best. That’s why collectors of vintage and unique cars around the world rely on System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Without a doubt, conscientious car owners place their trust in System X Ceramic Coatings. It’s simply the best way to provide consistent protection, durability and brilliance. System X applies a gloss that enhances color while shielding exterior paint, metal, wheels and stainless steel.

A semi-permanent coating, System X becomes the functioning surface of vehicle paint. It creates a lasting bond with the paintwork. As a result, a coating forms that doesn’t wash away like a lesser quality sealant.

From melting salt and dirt to exhaust, bugs and pollutants, your car is subject to nonstop debris will traveling the roads of Wisconsin. Auto paint is susceptible to corrosion that diminishes color and leads to fading. Because System X Ceramic Protection bonds with the substrate, it provides a shield that preserves color.

For enduring appeal with minimal upkeep, System X is the solution. The distinct formula of System X secures lasting brightness because it keeps paint clean and retain gloss. Consequently, it takes minimal time to your car looking like it just came off the lot.

Detailing Walworth WI – 262-325-8962

System X products contain specific formulation that permits application on practically all surfaces of your vehicle. It’s application to both exterior and interior surfaces. This provides effective protection for a range of surfaces like steel, leather vinyl, aluminum, carpet and windows.

Protect Your Car Against Sun Exposure with System X Ceramic Protection

The sun is continuous in its impact on your car’s appearance. System X provides optimal ultraviolet ray protection for car paint, which prevents unappealing damage that comes with fading colors. System X functions as another coating that provides increased protection against the elements. It provides a clear coat that’s glossy, resistant to chemicals and tougher in comparison to the original coat. Car owners can count on lasting protection against scratches, swirls, bird droppings and UV rays. Convenient hand application takes only 15 minutes in most cases.

System X is much more than a standard wax or average ceramic paint sealer. Those lesser products only provide a temporary protective shield. In contrast, System X bonds with auto paint to create a semi-permanent shell across the surface. The shell serves as a slick layer against the weather elements by resisting water and preventing contaminants from sticking.

Consistent washing is the sole maintenance you’ll need to keep your car looking good. In fact, it’s easy to wax or seal over the coating with your chosen products to highlight gloss.

System X paint protection can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle, except rubber and soft plastic. System X also performs exceptionally well on alloy wheels and aircraft exhaust ports.

Affordable, Professional Detailing for Car Owners

If your vehicle is showing wear and tear, call Diamond Detailing today and schedule an appointment. We even offer complimentary valet services! We’ll pick up your car, performing custom detailing and return it to you promptly. We’re sure you’ll be very happy with the restored appearance. Driving a clean and shiny car simply makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

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